A literature review of UAV 3D path planning


3D path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) targets at finding an optimal and collision free path in a 3D cluttered environment while taking into account the geometric, physical and temporal constraints. Although a lot of works have been done to solve UAV 3D path planning problem, there lacks a comprehensive survey on this topic, let alone the recently published works that focus on this field. This paper analyses the most successful UAV 3D path planning algorithms that developed in recent years. This paper classifies the UAV 3D path planning methods into five categories, sampling-based algorithms, node-based algorithms, mathematical model based algorithms, Bio-inspired algorithms, and multi-fusion based algorithms. For each category a critical analysis and comparison is given. Furthermore a comprehensive applicable analysis for each kind of method is presented after considering its working mechanism and time complexity.

In Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), 2014 11th World Congress on , IEEE.