Generation of dynamically feasible and collision free trajectory by applying six-order Bezier curve and local optimal reshaping


This paper considers the problem of generating dynamically feasible and collision free trajectory for unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) in cluttered environments. General random-based searching algorithms output piecewise linear paths, which cause big discrepancy when used as navigation reference for UAVs with high speed. Meanwhile, the disturbance may also occur to lead the UAVs into danger. In order to obtain agile autonomy without potential dangers, this paper introduces a three-step method to generate feasible reference. In the first step, a six-order Bezier curve, which uses Tuning Rotation to decrease the curvature, is introduced to smooth the output of the path planner. Then a forward simulation is implemented to find the potential dangerous regions. Finally, the path is reshaped by local optimal reshaping planner to eliminate residual dangers. The three steps form a circulation, the reshaped path sent to the first step again to check dynamic feasibility and safety. The method combining Six-order Bezier curve, Tuning Rotation, and local optimal reshaping is proposed by us for the first time, where the Tuning Rotation is able to meet various curvature requirements without violating the previous path, local optimal reshaping obtains both temporal and spatial reshaping with high time efficiency. The method addresses the system dynamics to achieve agile autonomy, which provides the geometry reference as well as the low level control. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated by the simulations.

Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on